About the course

Tiger Woods had long hoped to have a practice facility to hone his short and mid-range game. When he moved to Jupiter Island in 2006, he decided to make his dream a reality. He designed and built a complex with one goal in mind: to replicate tournament-like conditions, similar to those he faced around the world. Practice makes perfect, and it would allow for targeted and efficient play.

Tiger started with the flat, 3.5-acre area, and teaming with TGR Design, directed its design, layout and shaping. The result is a practice facility of tournament-conditioned turf and bunkering to recreate the look, feel and playability of various major courses. 

Using a variety of turf found on the PGA TOUR, the design allows Tiger to hit almost any shot 150 yards or less. Shots of varying distances from several locations can be played to one of four unique greens. Different wind and shot-making conditions can be tackled. The facility also has a "wedge range," where shots of 85 to 145 yards can be repeated to improve distance control from the fairway and rough. There are four putting greens that can be used as different par-3 short courses to practice scoring.

Tiger also designed the four greens' complexes and surrounds to work on a variety of putting and recovery shots. Each green has unique contouring to create options to practice long, short, straight and breaking putts. Through advanced technologies, speed can be controlled to imitate tournament-like conditions.

The green surrounds have been shaped with subtle contours, and strategically placed swales and hillocks foster creativity. Tiger chose different grass lines and types and used multiple heights of cut. This adds variety to shot-making, and also replicates authentic on-course situations. Shorter cuts with firm and fast conditions allow bump and runs, a wide range of pitches and putting from off the green. Higher heights with softer conditions allow more aerial shots from difficult lies. Tiger designed each greens complex with a different style of bunker, and they have different sand specifically chosen to replicate what might be faced at major tournaments.

TGR Design's goal is to employ environmentally friendly techniques. The Jupiter Island Practice Facility was designed and built to take advantage of unused, brackish water. It is non-potable, pumped from over 1,200 feet below the surface and filtered through an on-site reverse osmosis plant. This makes the water safe for turf grasses and landscape materials and will save significant water each year.

Download Course Rendering (PDF)