About the course

The concept for the Oasis course is to create a place that transports golfers from the open desert landscape of southern Baja into a new, secluded environment of lush vegetation -- truly an oasis in the desert.  
The existing gently sloped desert terrain will be transformed into a strategic, dramatic golf course with a backdrop of rolling green hills and rich verdant landscaping. This garden environment will be unique for a coastal desert region, and it will carry golfers to a place of unrivaled beauty. 
The golf course strategy will be similar to that at El Cardonal where players are presented with options to navigate a route from tee to green, preferred angles of play are defined by feature placement, and green surrounds are shaped to encourage a variety of recovery shots. 
The golf course will be situated in a low bowl to create an intimate environment protected from the wind. Higher elevations on the golf course will have wide panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Website: diamantecabosanlucas.com

Download Course Rendering (PDF)